Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lemote Yeelong Benchmarks

A few weeks ago, I got my Lemote Yeeloong netbook. After a veritable odyssey of OS upgrades / rescues and reinstallations, caused by stupidity (mine), unfamiliarity with Debian, and unstable to non-existent connectivity to the Chinese download sites, I was finally able to run some benchmarks.

According to the Loongson 2F website, the CPU should "Outperform 1GHz Pentium III".

I do not have access to a 1GHz PIII, so I used an Asus EeePc 701 for comparison. It has an Intel Celeron-M ULV 353 underclocked to 630 MHz. Taking these SuperPI benchmark results, which are probably best case for frequency scaling, would place the CPUs about equal (Pentium III 1 GHz at 130 sec., and Celeron-M 630 MHz at 126 sec.)

System comparison:

System CPU MHz L2 Cache Memory OS
Lemote Yeeloong 8089 Loongson 2F 800 512 KB 1 GB Fedora 13
EeePc 701 Celeron-M ULV 353 630 512 KB 2 GB Scientific Linux 6

I used Fedora instead of Debian on the Lemote because it uses the MIPS n32 ABI, for potentially much better performance.

Stream TRIAD bandwidth

Stream results are rather bad:

System TRIAD MB/sec
Yeeloong 601
EeePc 1220

bzip2 compression

As an integer benchmark, I used bzip2 to decompress and compress the gcc 4.6.0 source tarball (71,579,535 bytes). Time is user time in seconds.

System Decompress Compress bzip2 version
Yeeloong 145.69 767.74 from OS
Yeeloong 140.90 521.15 bzip 1.0.6, compiled with gcc 4.6.0 with default optimization
EeePc 114.09 507.09 from OS

Radiance rendering

Using Mark Stock's benchmark test. Unfortunately, on the Yeeloong, -O3 -ffast-math delivered invalid results, so I had to compile with the flags listed below. I'll try to rerun this with a newer version of gcc, as this gives a big improvement on some platforms (AMD64, for example, but not on the Celeron-M).

System User time Compiler Flags
Yeeloong 17915 gcc 4.4.4 -march=native -O3 -fno-math-errno -funsafe-math-optimizations
EeePc 15884 gcc 4.7.0 20110501 -march=native -Ofast


The systems are almost identical at about 67 MQuips, but, as indicated by the Stream result, the Loongson is hampered by bad main memory and, apparently, L2 cache, performance.

2011-05-25 updated bzip2 results

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